Friday, March 02, 2012

United, Continental Computer Systems Merge This Weekend: Tech 'Issues' Lay Ahead?

["Not to worry, all systems are under control, so far"]

On, Joe Brancatelli -- who has seen it all in the post-deregulation era of air travel -- poses the following question today: "What happens when the world's largest airline shifts a gigantic hunk of its worldwide operations onto a new computer system?"

The answer he gives is somewhat disconcerting: "I don't know. You don't know."


Here's Joe's column with background and tips on what might occur.

Maybe this occurs without major hitches, but who knows? Best tip from all sources: Print out all of your ticket and boarding information and carry with you.

Meanwhile, here is the travel notice that United has posted on its Web site:

Please note that the reservations systems for United and Continental are being integrated as of March 3, 2012. Below are some tips to help ensure a smooth experience if you are traveling this weekend:

Online check-in will be available until 1 a.m. U.S. Central time on March 3. At that point, there will be a scheduled system outage lasting approximately 3-4 hours, and we will be unable to serve you online or over the phone during that time.

If you are unable to print your boarding pass in advance, or if you have bags to check, please allow extra time at the airport. Additional staff will be available at the airport to assist you.

Effective March 3, all flights that were scheduled to operate as Continental Airlines (CO) will be operating as United Airlines (UA). Be sure to check or monitors at the airport for correct terminal and gate information.


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