Friday, March 02, 2012

Sheriff Joe's Crack Investigative Posse

[Left: Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his crack investigative team evaluate another hot tip on the alien Democratic President]

As noted here yesterday, there is still another embarrassment foisted upon Arizona by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the bug-eyed buffoon who is in a drag-out contest with Gov. Jan Brewer to see who wins as the state's biggest laughing-stock.

Arpaio, under intense investigation by the feds for corruption, really outdid himself yesterday in an asinine press conference in which he announced "preliminary results" of an investigation by a crack team of retirees. Something about the president of the United States being an illegal alien or something.

As I said, the Arizona media did its usual job of "objectively" reporting this idiocy -- that is, they produced stories that made it sound like well, maybe Sheriff Joe was acting in good faith here, and here is what he said.

This is a textbook case to show that "objective" journalism has outlived its use in the public good, in this time of raging, epidemic crazy. So this is what "balanced" journalism looks like here: Afraid of what's coming in a federal indictment, Crazy Joe makes wild charges that everybody knows he and his "posse" of investigators pulled out of their double-wide asses. Media dutifully report said charges, and toss in some comments from people saying the charges are spurious. Balance. One nut says the world is flat; media print that, but find a professor to opine that au contraire, it's round.

Only the Phoenix New Times weekly has done a credible job on Joe Arpaio, his posse, and his endless pursuit of publicity -- yesterday's stunt being perhaps the most risible yet.

From today's Phoenix New Times story:

"It's the latest entry in a long line of publicity stunts for Arpaio, and this one just so happened to take place while the sheriff's taking heat for the several hundred sex crimes his office bungled, and the Justice Department's claim that he's running a shop with the worst-racial profiling practices in U.S. history."


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